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Barack Obama, envious of President Donald J. Trump’s legacy after just one year in the White House and the elimination of his unconstitutional and anti-American executive orders attacked Fox News and its viewers again.

According to the malignant narcissist, viewers of Fox are “living on a different planet.” Obama wants to keep Americans in their dark about his criminal cabal and activities during the time that he besmirched the Oval Office.  If only Fox viewers would watch NPR instead.

NPR, like CNN, is part of the Communist media complex who along with their comrades spews anti-Trump propaganda and lied to Americans for two years about the 2016 presidential election claiming until the final moments that Hillary Clinton would become the 45th president of the United States. Fakes news, propaganda, smear campaigns and espousing deep state talking are what Obama ordains real news. It’s not.

Look at it this way, Americans who do not watch Fox are in the dark about Obama’s unmasking, members of the Trump campaign and one only knows how many Americans.

The likes of NPR hides the sins of Hussein Obama from his body count to Uranium One, Operation Fast and Furious to his role in the non-existent Trump/Russia collusion narrative.

The left does not want to know because they can’t handle the truth.

For more on this war on Fox News and its viewers, check out: Obama Says Americans Who Watch Fox News are “Living on a Different Planet”. Yeah. It’s Called Reality.  by KJ at Kingsjester’s Blog.

Message to Obama: Sorry Obammy, we’re not the ones wearing the blindfolds and kool-aid is not in our diet.

Besides, Obama should be more concerned and I bet he is which explains his attack on Fox News viewers, about the shoe(s) that are about to drop exposing the sins of Obama.