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Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

I’m not clairvoyant, but when I watched Dianne Feinstein make her “clean bill” case about DACA to President Trump at yesterday’s White House open-meeting, I fully understood Donald Trump’s reply, “Why sure, that’s what we all want.” My heart didn’t sink, in fact, I hoped Senator Feinstein and even Senator Lindsey Graham would lean back self-satisfiedly and savor the belief that they had finally snookered the Old Boy into giving away the store.

But Kevin McCarthy quickly leaped in to correct the record about the long-standing security issues that Trump has always tied to clean legislation legalizing DACA status. Of course he assumed the Wall, chain migration and lottery program were all included in his agreement with Senator Feinstein’s call for a “clean bill”.

Personally, I’d have liked the scam to play itself out a day or two, because a hanging curve ball left up there by a notorious fast-ball pitcher always leaves the opposing team, even after they swing and miss, doubting themselves about their estimations of the pitcher’s skill. For a political novice such as Donald Trump, who knows nothing about human nature as the political class defines it, “Keeping ’em guessing” can ruin the opposition’s idea that they hold the high ground quickly.

No matter, slip of the tongue or well laid trap, the Democrats (and several Republicans) left the room disappointed once their heart rate had fallen back to normal. No harm, no foul. But apparently not everyone in media had watched the story play out to the end, perhaps storming away prematurely. Ann Coulter is still bereft 2 later, largely about promises Trump had never made in the first place, perhaps maybe even becoming pen pals with Bill Kristol. Laura Ingraham issued a sonorous Tweet of woe, which seemed straight from “Wuthering Heights”, lost love and Catherine and Heathcliff’s two ships forever passing each other in the night. Last, Tucker Carlson, (my son’s age) led off his 8 PM show with a 5-minute near-obituary of the love affair between conservatives and Donald Trump, only to be rescued a few minutes later with the appearance of Brit Hume (my age) squaring the record for the audience (and Tucker) that no, Trump had not gone back on his original pledge. No change in fact[…]

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