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A word of advice and plenty of good information below on how to choose your candidates in this year’s mid-term elections. Do not focus on distractions or whom suggests what. Do your homework, America. Make an educated vote and make your vote count. There is much at stake.

Hard Nox & Friends by Uriel

Conservative Voters Be Aware 2018 Is Shaping Up
To Be A Dangerous Year In Politics

An up-to-date list of politicians who have so far announced that they plan to retire, tendered resignations or suggested they will, or run for another office in 2018 can be found at Ballotpedia.

According to them, as of 01/07/18 there are:

1. 3 Senate members (all Republican) not seeking re-election

2. 40 representatives not seeking re-election : Democratic 14 and Republican 26

3. Incumbents seeking Senate seat: Democratic 3 and Republican 5

4. House members running for governor: Democratic 4 and Republican 5

5. Incumbents retiring from public office: Democratic 7 and Republican 16

Their list of current congressional seat elections for 2018 can be found HERE. Elections to the U.S. Senate will have a total of 33 of the 100 seats up for regular election. Elections to the U.S. House will be have ALL 435 seats up for election.

Now that we can see a breakdown of numbers leaving or having left by January 2018, let’s move on and consider where the Democrat Party is headed.

First we absolutely know they are foaming at the mouth to replace as many seats as possible with Democrats in both the House and Senate. They are also focused on ALL positions from local to federal and plan to override the conservatives in every aspect of government[…]

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