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Ah yes, the Republican Party establishment’s saga of “Blame Steve, Destroy Trump and the American dream” continues…but should we?

Unified Patriots by Lady Penguin

Today’s latest soap opera being reported on by the malignant media is about a skirmish between a former employee of President Trump, Steve Bannon, and the president. I’m not going to get into the weeds of the story. It is not important, but it is significant because of the behind-the-scenes, as well as public, finger pointing. This is about the election of Democrat Doug Jones to a previously held, and thought to be “safe Republican” seat in Alabama. Doug Jones was sworn in today so the recriminations begin anew.

Steve Bannon is being blamed for Roy Moore’s loss to Doug Jones in the recent Alabama special election, held December 12, 2017. Independent of Bannon defenders, because I pay no attention to him, I will say the toxicity of Mitch McConnell aided greatly in Luther Strange’s loss to candidate Roy Moore in the primary. That said, Roy Moore deserved, but did not get the support required from the GOP Establishment for the special election. In fact, one could lay the entire loss of the senate seat to the Dems – at the feet of McConnell, who was desperately trying to keep Moore out of the seat, and early on denounced Judge Moore with the now disappeared sexual misconduct complaints.

We can move on from the drama with Steve Bannon.

What we can’t move on from, nor forget, are the problems and issues regarding the Republican Establishment. These same issues affected the state elections held in Virginia. The GOP Establishment, represented by candidate Ed Gillespie AND Mitch McConnell, is why Virginia had no chance to take back the governorship this past November. In fact, it caused us to lose 15 House delegate seats[…]

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*Derivative: Original Images – Mitch McConnell Source: McConnell Center-Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0) /Steve Bannon Source: Gage Skidmore-Flickr (CC BY-SA 2.0)