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Grumpy Opinions by Little Tboca

The Government has honed all of the ways that it can to blindside American citizens. This comes from years of practicing defensive politics, making sure that nothing can be traced or interpreted as illegal or crooked.

The Government does their “dog and pony” show yelling, screaming, accusing the other Party of wrong doing and then they carefully sweep their unconstitutional actions and corruption under the rug.  Our Government always wears that “better than thou” sign which is etched on their forehead, stating that they are from the Government and they’re here to help.

Here’s how politicians handle interrogations, in fact most of them are instructed on what to say, when to say it and how to say it to ensure that Americans remain confused all of the time.

Our politicians are pros.  Below are the 5 top game cards that work for these crafty politicians.

  1. They play stupid and say nothing can be done until Department of Justice (DOJ) investigates the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) who in turn has to investigate the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) who then investigates the investigators.
  2. They bounce all over the place like a kid on a trampoline never once answering the questions that they were asked.
  3. They play the blame game blaming everyone else from their hair dresser to Mickey Mouse or Humpty Dumpty.
  4. They say, “That is a really good question,” and then they refuse to answer it.
  5. They play “Gotcha,” turning the question into a series of accusations against the other Party.

So, the consensus is this; our Government is a cesspool of dirty politicians who are fighting the forgotten man and woman.  Their end game is to take the Government from the people along with their rights and freedoms[…]

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