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Grumpy Opinions by Little Tboca

After a pre-scripted press conference by George Soros’ backed group Brave New Films and a televised interview with NBC is Megyn Kelly last week starring three women accusing President Donald J. Trump of alleged sexual misbehavior, one would have expected that the staged events would’ve been big news. Instead, the real news is about a woman is obsession with sex. A woman who actually makes other females appear untrustworthy and pathetic.

This is all about Megyn Kelly because after leaving FOX, her ratings tanked and were abysmal. Kelly, as Bill O’Reilly will attest to will do anything for ratings. She is a vicious vindictive woman who turned on her boss at FOX (Roger Ailes) and a peer (Bill O’Reilly); both men had helped her rise to fame as an anchor. Fame and fortune apparently went to her head and Kelly left FOX, taking a job at NBC.

As soon as Kelly arrived at NBC, she pulled her black widow persona and attacked FOX News, O’Reilly, Ailes, Sean Hannity and anyone else who had been caught in her cross-hairs. Kelly was naïve enough to think that she, in fact, was a high-powered news anchor who could rule the media world, but nothing was further from the truth[…]

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