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Did Obama, a despot, who for two terms ruled by fiat  actually believe that his legacy, i.e., a quest for fundamental transformation and destruction of the United States which was nothing short of an eight-year offense on Americans would go on?

Barack Obama can’t handle the unraveling of his war on Americans and redistribution of America’s wealth schemes.

The best part is that Obama can’t handle the truth, the unraveling and the emasculation all things Barack.  His fangs are showing and he needs desperately to soothe his ego so he’s traveling around the world, getting paid huge sums of money, all of which the Justice and/or State Department should be looking into.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

An extremely vicious Barack Obama, who is losing his legacy under this administration, told 2800 leftists in Chicago that we need gun control and then compared Trump to Hitler. Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Hitler the one who confiscated guns?

If anyone is like Hitler, it would be him.

At the Economic Club of Chicago, he spewed his acrimonious invective for any America First agenda since globalism is superior in his view.

He said, “…things don’t happen internationally if we don’t put our shoulder to the wheel. No other country has the experience and bandwidth and ideals. . . .If the U.S. doesn’t do it, it’s not going to happen.” He was talking about spreading the wealth.

He was highly complimentary of himself for his good deeds with our money. Referencing, our efforts on Ebola, he said, “We probably saved a million lives by doing that.”

We will never know if that is true.

Obama was raised to be a foreigner, to love Islamists, and embrace communism. There is a great deal of evidence to support this. He is no typical American. He might be more of a typical Indonesian. To him, if you are America First and believe in sovereignty, you are a nativist, an Islamophobe, a racist and a jingoist[…]

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Hubris. Of all places to call for the disarmament of Americans, bloody-ass Chicago!  No mention of Black on Black violence and crimes committed against non-Blacks because Obama and fellow Progressives are not interested.

Chicago violence to date, year 2017. Source: Hey Jackass

The agenda to disarm is about power and oppression. Mention Black on Black violence or the violence committed by Blacks in America and Progressives to shut down the discussion respond with, “Oh, there you go again….”

As we see from the City of Portland, when Obama speaks of disarming Americans, he’s talking about disarming honest Americans who live by the rule of law.  It is his intent is to allow street thugs who do not purchase their firearms legally to remain armed.

Barack Obama needs those same thugs to come out in 2020 to vote for Michelle Obama (not so much Kamala Harris) so that he can get his revenge on President Donald J. Trump and the nation.

Finally, the name calling.  I do believe that Barack Obama is the closest that this country has had to Adolph Hitler.

Sorry, Barack, you’ve enlightened many during your eight years. We recognize that everything that you accuse our President of being is what you see every morning when you look into the mirror. You know it, we know it.