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I can only hope that you weren’t drinking or eating anything when you’re eyes fell upon the title of Sarah Noble’s latest article.

Hmm, now that I have finished cleaning up the keyboard to my laptop, let us move on shall we.

Noble, as usual, speaks truth to power.  Karma is on its way.  Senator Elizabeth “Fauxcahontas” Warren’s chickens are coming home to roost.  Enjoy.

<span style="font-size: 8pt;">Source: Bob Mack, <a href="https://crockettlives.wordpress.com/2014/07/19/whats-the-matter-with-libs-today/">Crockett Lives</a>.</span>

Source: Bob Mack, Crockett Lives.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Pocahontas Warren has gotten away with lying for decades. Not only does she get away with it, she is lauded for her many Socialist ravings and achievements like the fascist Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Elizabeth Pocahontas Warren claims to come from “Oklahoma’s dust-bowl.” She said she was poverty-stricken, when, in reality, she drove an MG in high school. She only traded in her BMW 528i for a Ford hybrid just before the senatorial campaign began when she was running against Scott Brown.

Socialist Warren is a 1%er who lives in a $2 million plus home.

She claimed to be a foe of foreclosures and “house flipping” yet it came to light that in 1993 she bought a home for $30,000 and then flipped it 5 months later for $145,000! Warren and her husband flipped quite a few houses.

She bragged that she “crafted the intellectual foundation for Occupied Wall Street” and would protect us from the evils of capitalism, but she actually obtained huge donations from numerous liberal Wall Street backers!

Elizabeth Warren described herself in law-school professional directories as a Native American minority from 1986 to 1995. She said she listed herself as Native American to get invited to luncheons but took it off when none of that happened.

Warren was listed as a “woman of color” in the 1993 Harvard student journal. When questioned about it in 1996, Warren couldn’t remember any of it, but when she was listed as the Harvard Law’s “first woman of color” in a 1997 law review piece on diversity and affirmative action, it was based on a “telephone interview with Michael Chmura, News Director, Harvard Law (Aug. 6, 1996)”[…]

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