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Long story short, Germany is willing to pay Muslim invaders who failed to receive asylum €3,000 if they leave the country and return home to their countries of origin by March 2018.

Is this way of Germany admitting that Angela Merkel’s open border policies to Muslim migrants from Africa, the Middle East and beyond is a failure?

Not elitists turning Germany into a cesspool and placing a target on the backs of its citizens will never admit their failure. Instead they’ll try to make the problem go away by paying off those with a sense of entitlement.

That reminds me of the NFL plans to fund social justice causes to keep Commie football athletes from taking a knee during our Nation Anthem and disrespecting Our Flag.

Neither will end as the appeasers expect it to.


The German Interior Ministry is offering rejected asylum seekers a hefty bonus to go to their country of origin voluntarily rather than face deportation. This is a new effort to turn back the refugee tide brought on by Angela Merkel’s “open door” policy.
The offer is intended to supplement the existing program dubbed ‘StarthilfePlus,’ which provides help to those migrants who decide to voluntarily return home. Under the scheme, any participant over 12 years old withdrawing their application for asylum receives €1,200. Already-rejected asylum seekers who waive their right to appeal the decision in court are given €800, and children below the age of 12 get half the sum.
The new program, dubbed ‘Your country. Your future. Now!’ promises significantly more generous payouts to those who decide to return voluntarily. Families are eligible for up to €3,000 ($3,570) and individuals for up to €1,000 ($1,190) in addition to the payouts under ‘StarthilfePlus….’

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Below is an excerpt of the payments followed by the requirements to secure the funds from the StathilfePlus website:

Payments –

Your return counsellor can request StarthilfePlus together with the REAG/GARP assistance. On the basis of REAG/GARP, StarthilfePlus can offer the following financial assistance:Stage 1: You receive 1,200 EUR if you apply for an assisted voluntary return before the asylum procedure is completed.Stage 2: You receive 800 EUR if your asylum application has been rejected and you decide for a voluntary return within the period set for your departure.Stage S: You receive 800 EUR if you are in need of protection according to German law and if you return to your country of origin with REAG/GARP. As opposed to the other stages, stage S applies to all nationalities within the framework of REAG.Stage Ü (until 31.12.2017): You receive 800 EUR if you have been registered in Germany before 1 February 2017 and if by 1 August 2017

  • you are obligated to leave the country, or
  • you have a temporary permission to stay, or
  • you applied for asylum for the second time.

Family assistance: A family can receive an additional 500 EUR if more than four family members together receive StarthilfePlus.StarthilfePlus is paid out in two stages. The first half will be paid out to you with the GARP payment at your departure and the second half within six to eight months by IOM after the arrival in your country of origin. Children below age 12 get half of the amount….

Requirements –

Nationals of the following countries can apply for StarthilfePlus and the additional reintegration assistance (list of GARP countries):

Afghanistan, Egypt, Algeria, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Ethiopia, Bangladesh, Benin, Burkina Faso, China, Democratic Republic of Congo, Ivory Coast, Eritrea, Gambia, Georgia*, Ghana, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, India, Iraq, Iran, Cameroon, Kenya, Lebanon, Libya, Mali , Morocco, Mongolia, Niger, Nigeria, Pakistan, Palestinian Autonomous Territories, Russian Federation, Senegal, Sierra Leone, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Sri Lanka, Tajikistan, Togo, Turkey, Tunisia, Ukraine*, and Vietnam.

*Please note: Georgian and Ukrainian nationals cannot receive StarthilfePlus, if you have entered Germany after the respective visa liberalisation (Georgia: 27.03.2017 / Ukraine: 10.06.2017).

Exception for stage S: If you are in need of protection according to German law, you can receive StarthilfePlus regardless of your nationality.To be able to leave the country, you have to sign that you withdraw your asylum application and waive legal means. For StarthilfePlus, the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF) requires that you sign an additional declaration….


Appeasers vs. Sense of Entitlement – Appeasers Lose.

Germany’s government has implemented blasphemy laws (sort of) making it illegal to call what is plaguing Europe by its name. Source: U.S. COMMISSION ON INTERNATIONAL RELIGIOUS FREEDOM RESPECTING RIGHTS? Measuring the World’s Blasphemy Laws (July 2017)

Even worse, Germany like their fellow global elites who have opened their borders enabling a historic Muslim invasion of thugs who terrorize its citizens, refuse to call the horrific acts of terror on its streets, in the pools, institutions and parks by its name. Yet, the German Interior Ministry believes that Germany can pay these invaders, whose ideology tells them that they are entitled to extort a poll tax (jizya ) from non-Muslims to return to their homelands?

Metaphors that come to mind are “there’s a sucker born every minute” and “suicide is fatal” and while there is absolutely no doubt that Muslim invaders will grab the Euros offered, they will not take the Germany serious, respond in kind or even entertain the though of holding up their end of the bargain.

Germany’s invaders are but among the many in Europe who believes that theirs is a sense of entitlement.