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Rep John Conyers original photo by karen murphy Flickr cc02

Image of John Conyers by Karen Murphy-Flickr (CC BY-ND 2.0)

Decades ago, I realized that we had some rather unsavory characters in our government, on every level, i.e., federal, state and local.

I must say that if one is following the insanity on a daily basis, it could become dangerous to your health.  So much negativity comes out of the swamp.  The one thing that swamp critters have proven to those of us who have watched these thugs in action for decades, DECADES is that yes, this country REALLY NEED TERM LIMITS.

Seeing Red AZ

After first digging in his heels against calls for him to resign from his U.S. House seat amid allegations of tens of thousands in payoffs from a congressional taxpayer paid “hush fund” — maintained solely for victims of sexual harassment —- John Conyers, Jr. (D-MI) has conceded to the charges against him and quit. In his case being able to brag about assaulting female staffers might fall into the arena of braggadocio.  Conyers is 88 years old.  Implausibly, he has been  reelected in his Detroit district for 52 years. He wants his same named violent son, to follow him into the hallowed D.C. halls. John the Third was arrested for stabbing his girlfriend, but mysteriously never prosecuted[…]

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