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Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

Whether you like his policies as the Secretary of State, or don’t, right now Rex Tillerson is doing God’s work, Garden of Eden work, Noah’s Ark work, in the Department of State. So shoulder your weapons.

One of the greatest scenes in the classic film “The Last Emperor” was when Pu-Yi, the last Manchu emperor of China, wanted to modernize China and the Chinese government but was unable because of the great army of bureaucrats walled inside the Forbidden City. Suddenly they were expelled, en masse. a more beautiful sight to behind today then when I dreamed dreams of Ronald Reagan doing the same thing in 1987.

I’ve thought long and hard about busting bureaucracies for over forty years, and to date Rex Tillerson is the only government insider to appear to be taking the threat of bureaucratism seriously, even as the deep state is working overtime to derail every Trump initiative. This may also point to the source of the many rumors of Tillerson’s fall from favor of Trump. He is indeed a threat to the State bureaucracy, and I doubt very much that President Trump is opposed to it. Although Jared and Ivanka may well be. (Call it generational.)

I first encountered the sassiness of bureaucratism while serving as a Judge Advocate at the Army headquarters in Ft Huachuca, Arizona. They had a GS-14 senior public relations officer who had been charged with insubordination, refusing to carry out an order by his boss, the Post caommnder. I think it was a personal matter between the CG and him, but, (my guess) with just a little more than a year to go before retirement, he disobeyed a direct order, probably just to test the CG’s resolve. I was part of the review process, which everyone already knew was going to be decided on costs alone, i.e., the cost of litigation versus the cost of just letting him ride out his last year. It would be less costly to let him hold onto his desk (his job) but strip him of all duties and authority. There were several ways to do this. I was a brash captain, myself ony a few months from separation back to civilian life, my only addition to the suggestion box was that they give him an orange jump suit and empty peach crate and tell his he is still a GS-14, but his principal job would be to pick up trash around the Intelligence School. He was really an arrogant and insolent man[…]

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