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Whenever the detestable, nefarious deeds and lascivious behavior of Progressives towards those over which the left claims dominion takes over the news cycle for an extended period, the Communist media complex can no longer ignore it.

Thus, deep state media minstrels will create or search out a distraction that would shift reports about the detestable, nefarious deeds and lascivious behavior of Progressive bureaucrats to the back burner.

At the same time, the Communist media complex relishes dredging up reports of similar deeds and activities by Republicans even pay off accusers to build upon their propaganda.

Deep state minstrels relish spinning and rehashing fake news about a non-existent Trump/Russia collusion, just when President Donald J. Trump is on the brink of another major achievement (front page newsworthy) in his presidency.

In each instance, dirty cop Robert Mueller or someone in his camp leaks another meaningless tidbit presenting deep state media minstrels with an excuse to move newsworthy events totally off the radar and more spin.

Case in point: Why is Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the Podesta brothers, members of the deep state including Robert Mueller’s role in the Uranium One deal being downplayed by the Communist media complex and the Department of Justice?

Why hasn’t Barack Obama’s shadowing of President Trump across the globe made the news cycle?  One would expect Obama’s travels to be near the top of the news cycle since the media loves him so much.  What’s up with that?

Could it be that Americans might question Obama’s objectives, the existence of Obama’s shadow government and the treasonous activities of a deep state’s not so silent coup against a sitting president under order of a former sitting president?

Although hard to believe that Washington, D. C. could become any grimier, under Barack Obama, the corruption in Washington, D.C. became a crisis of historical proportion and swamp critters love it.

Paul Craig Roberts

Robert Mueller, a former director of the FBI who is working as a special prosecutor “investigating” a contrived hoax designed by the military/security complex and the DNC to destroy the Trump presidency, has yet to produce a scrap of evidence that Russiagate is anything but orchestrated fake news. As William Binney and other top experts have said, if there is evidence of Russiagate, the NSA would have it. No investigation would be necessary. So where is the evidence?

It is a revelation of how corrupt Washington is that a fake scandal is being investigated while a real scandal is not. The fake scandal is Trump’s Russiagate. The real scandal is Hillary Clinton’s uranium sale to Russia. No evidence for the former exists. Voluminous evidence for Hillary’s scandal lies in plain view. http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2017/10/25/hillary-clinton-and-real-russian-collusion.html

Why are the clearly false charges against Trump being investigated and the clearly true charges against Hillary not being investigated? The answer is that Hillary with her hostility toward Russia and her denunciation of Russian President Putin as the “New Hitler” is not a threat to the budget and power of the US military/security complex, while Trump’s aim of normalizing relations with Russia would deprive the military/security complex of the “enemy” it requires to justify its massive budget and power.

Why hasn’t President Trump ordered the Justice Department to investigate Hillary? Is the answer that Trump is afraid the military/security complex will assassinate him? Why hasn’t the Justice Department undertaken the investigation on its own? Is the answer that Trump’s government is allied with his enemies?

How corrupt does Mueller have to be to agree to lead a fake investigation designed to overthrow the democratic election of the President of the United States? Why doesn’t Trump have Mueller and Comey arrested for sedition and conspiring to overthrow the president of the United States?

Why instead is Mueller expanding his investigation beyond his mandate and bringing charges against Manafort and others for decade-old under-reporting of income? Why instead is Congress harassing journalist Randy Credico for interviewing Julian Assange? How does an interview become part of the House Intelligence (sic) Committee’s investigation into “Russian active measures directed at the 2016 U.S. election?” There were no such active measures, but the uranium sale was real[…]

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