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While Americans are being distracted with propaganda, the GOP is rushing to push through legislation for a NSA-like national database of student information, something of which both parties will approve. They must be stopped.

Missouri Education Watchdog by Cheri Kiesecker

Bill to be heard this week. Contact your Congressman now.


Congress is rushing through bill HR4174 THIS WEEK. Yes, there are lots of bills in play but #THIS is the one to watch.

The US House is scheduled to vote this week on a bill to make a massive federal data system -merging information from all federal agencies, all citizens- much like China. See here and here. This bill is the result of the CEP Commission which would include data on school children, creating a “pinterest of student data” and an NSA-like national database of student information. We wrote about the CEP commission, with posted transcripts and video here.

Is Congress aware of the privacy concerns and will they be addressed?

There was tremendous public opposition to the CEP Commission’s proposal to create a national student record, as stated on page 30 of the CEP report: Nearly two-thirds of the comments received in response to the Commission’s Request for Comments raised concerns about student records, with the majority of those comments in opposition to overturning the student unit record ban or otherwise enabling the Federal government to compile records about individual students.”

The House Oversight Committee **already passed** this bill on a voice vote (watch here, begins at 11min mark, vote at 35min mark) and now HR4174 is going to be voted on the House Floor under *Suspended Rules* this week[…]

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