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After being the darling of the left and the mainstream media for decades, how likely is it that Donna Brazile is fast becoming a pariah in the Democratic Party?

On a personal note, having once been a Democrat, I always felt that Blacks in the Democratic Party were nothing more than slaves on the Democratic plantation.

I know, I know, Democrats a few years ago banned the use of the word, “plantation.” They deemed it offensive and not politically correct. However, offense and political correctness has nothing to do with why Democrats don’t like the word, “plantation” affiliated with the Democrats. They need to distance themselves from the word because it speaks truth to power.

The Congressional Black Caucus, Black legislatures on state and local levels and yes, in my opinion, the likes of Vernon Jordan a former adviser to Bill Clinton, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, DeRay McKesson, Marc Lamont Hill, Van Jones, Roland Martin, Michael Eric Dyson, Donna Brazile and others, many of whom dedicated their life and blood to the Democratic Party while turning a blind eye to the fraud, corruption and illegalities of the Clintons and Barack Obama are nothing more than house slaves on the Democratic plantation.

From the moment Barack Obama was elected, white Democrats from the bureaucracy to big labor to the mainstream media believed that an Obama presidency meant that it was now copastetic to attack and denigrate Blacks and when they did, theirs was a search and destroy mentality that was not intended for all Blacks but those who strayed or refused to live on the Democratic plantation such as Republican and Conservative Blacks, man or woman.

Moving on since this post is not about race…

Enter November 2017 where six days ago Donna Brazile exposed:

  • the DNC’s corruption;
  • picking winners and losers;
  • the DNC giving Queen Hillary reign while deny others on state and local levels;
  • the DNC and Hillary Clinton’s possible connection to the death of Seth Rich (See: Donna Brazile Has A Theory About Who Killed Seth Rich] (excerpt below);

Brazile was so concerned with Rich’s death that she used her brief, only phone call from Hillary Clinton after the election loss to bring him up. She asked Clinton to use some of the millions of dollars the campaign had in order to set up a reward fund to find his murderer. But Hillary said she “really had to go.”

I knew the campaign had over $3 million set aside in a legal fund. Could she help me get this lawsuit started? And don’t forget the murder of Seth Rich, I told her. Did she want to contribute to Seth’s reward fund? We still hadn’t found the person responsible for the tragic murder of this bright young DNC staffer.

You’re right, she said. We’re going to get to that. But she really had to go.

  • questionable alliances between the DNC and Hillary Clinton campaign and their roles in rigging:
    • the 2016 Democratic primaries against Bernie Sanders; and
    • ultimately the 2016 presidential election.

Donna Brazile may find herself exiled from the Democratic master’s house to the fields of the Democratic plantation (metaphorically speaking).

Brazile is under attack from the DNC and their pitbulls in the Communist media complex who for years covered up wrongdoings and scandals by Barack Obama, his administration, Hillary Clinton, Progressives bureaucrats, the DNC and its officers; yes, including Donna Brazile.

Last year during the 2016 presidential debates, Brazile snuck Clinton the questions in advance of the debate. When called out in the summer of 2016 by Megyn Kelly formerly of Fox News, Brazile invoked her being a Christian woman, pointed out that she did not like being persecuted and denied the nefarious deed.

The Communist media complex and Progressives stood by Brazile giving her cover that is until last week’s article in Politico in which Brazile is not only pushing her new book but attempting to wash away her demons. [Inside Hillary Clinton’s Secret Takeover of the DNC: ‘When I was asked to run the Democratic Party after the Russians hacked our emails, I stumbled onto a shocking truth about the Clinton campaign.‘]


Right around the time of the convention, the leaked emails revealed Hillary’s campaign was grabbing money from the state parties for its own purposes, leaving the states with very little to support down-ballot races. A Politico story published on May 2, 2016, described the big fund-raising vehicle she had launched through the states the summer before, quoting a vow she had made to rebuild “the party from the ground up … when our state parties are strong, we win. That’s what will happen.”

Yet the states kept less than half of 1 percent of the $82 million they had amassed from the extravagant fund-raisers Hillary’s campaign was holding, just as Gary had described to me when he and I talked in August. When the Politico story described this arrangement as “essentially … money laundering” for the Clinton campaign, Hillary’s people were outraged at being accused of doing something shady. Bernie’s people were angry for their own reasons, saying this was part of a calculated strategy to throw the nomination to Hillary….

Then there is Brazile’s infamous call to Bernie Sanders which alludes to my mention of her need to wash away her demons.

…I told Bernie I had found Hillary’s Joint Fundraising Agreement. I explained that the cancer was that she had exerted this control of the party long before she became its nominee. Had I known this, I never would have accepted the interim chair position, but here we were with only weeks before the election.

Bernie took this stoically. He did not yell or express outrage. Instead he asked me what I thought Hillary’s chances were. The polls were unanimous in her winning but what, he wanted to know, was my own assessment?

I had to be frank with him. I did not trust the polls, I said. I told him I had visited states around the country and I found a lack of enthusiasm for her everywhere….

[NOTE: the article is an excerpt from Brazile’s book, Hacks: The Inside Story of the Break-ins and Breakdowns that Put Donald Trump in the White House]

The revelations in Donna Brazile’s book appears to be moments of “I told you so” from those of us on the Right who smelled a rat from day one Bernie Sanders’ supporters who alleged claims of voter fraud and rigging the election have also been vindicated not to mention the Progressives on the extreme who desperately want to rid themselves of the Clintons in light of rumors that Hillary plans to run again in 2020, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer and other long-term Democratic swamp dwellers who again would get behind the Clintons no holds barred.

As for Donna Brazile, well the left’s pitbulls are coming after her and with a vengeance. Brazile, the houseslave is standing on the Democratic Party plantation’s front porch on the verge of getting her arse kicked into the fields with the other slaves.

Progressives are going to use Brazile to send a message. i.e., keep the other slaves in check….and so it begins.

We already have an idea on where this is going beginning with Clinton lover, Whoopi Goldberg on The View, Monday.

Donna Brazile is scheduled to appear on The View either today (Tuesday) or Wednesday where I expect Whoopi Goldberg will either steer the conversation toward President Donald Trump and away from Hillary Clinton and campaign because in Whoopi’s world, it’s always Trump’s fault or denigrate Brazile for stepping off the plantation, if only for a moment or at least until Brazile herself discredits her entire book. Will follow up in a later post on that.

Giving the phrase “war stories” all new meaning, the Clinton News Network gives voice to Robby Mook and Clinton operatives, the objective of which is to malign Donna Brazile’s credibility (provided she has any), blur the facts until there is nothing left but rubble and lie, lie, lie, something that Progressives are really good at.

Talking points: Ignore Donna Brazile, ignore her book, ignore her allegations, ignore the Clinton mafia, the Communist media complex because “all this is water under the bridge” and let’s focus on Donald Trump. Oh and for heaven’s sake, don’t mention the dossier of which Lyin’ Robby Mook claims to know nothing.

ABC News “This Week” with George Stephanopoulos — Donna Brazile gave President Donald Trump plenty of ammunition — how dare she.

Of course, Senator Elizabeth Warren while admitting that the 2016 election was rigged, it’s all water under the bridge, so let’s move on.

The Communist media complex, case in point Joe Scarborough, his sidekick Mika Brzezinski and puppets responds as we would expect them. Feign shock, blame Trump. Donna Brazile and let’s move on. It’s revolting to watch.

Then there are the Clintonista and Democratic Strategist, Christy Setzer, who would run Donna Brazile out of dodge rather than admit the findings. Who better to take this looney bird on than Trucker Carlson.

Carlson also took the discussion to a Bernie Sanders’ supporter who suspected last year during the 2016 Democratic primaries that the system was rigged against her candidate.

Let the attacks and name calling begin short of attacking Donna Brazile based on the color of her skin because that is how Progressive roll and courtesy of a Caucasian, male, Clinton sock puppet, Richard Goodstein. What a NASTY piece of work but again that is who Progressives are.

If this is where Progressives, the Communist media complex and the DNC on behalf of the Clintons are going, this will backfire with Black America.

They may have gotten away with it if Barack Obama was still in office but it’s a new day.

Thanks to Obama, Blacks were already fleeing the Democratic Party. If Richard Goodstein’s discussion with Tucker Carlson is a sign of the hardline attacks that Progressives plan to wage against Brazile, expect a mass exodus as Progressives continue to underestimate Blacks in America.

Apparently, Richard Goodstein’s comments are a thing to come.

This morning on CBS, Oprah’s girl pal, Gayle King went after Brazile stating “Your book seems to suggest that you are bitter, you are angry and on top of that, you seem that you are hurt.” Gayle’s statement came after she called Brazile out for a statement seconds earlier that the election was not rigged. Brazile’s book implies the opposite.

Interesting interview, Gayle cuts Brazile no breaks to the point that Brazile, who reminds everyone that she is of the “establishment” calls Gayle out for the tough interview.

So what do you think? Will Donna Brazile be reigned in or is this a tactic put to use by the left to rid themselves of the Clintons once and for all? If so, how does Brazile stand to benefit?

See: The Lid’s The REAL Reason Donna Brazile Wrote Her Book. This post will be continued later but Brazile statement this morning to Gayle King on CBS (video above) that she is a member of the “Democratic establishment” and Gayle was her “editor” sounded like a dog whistle not just to Gayle but to the whole media establishment to watch their step.

Okay, I could be overthinking this. Time will tell.