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I suspect that Donna Brazile had to do a little soul cleansing.  How does that work when one is a Progressive?

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Donna Brazile wrote an article for Politico betraying Hillary, the DNC, and Debbie Wassermann-Schultz, saying they bought loyalty for Hillary’s candidacy before she got the nomination. The purpose was to cheat Bernie out of his fair shot.

She bashed Debbie Wassermann-Schultz’s managerial skills and complained that Barack Obama left the DNC in massive debt.

She, Donna Brazile, was deceived about how in debt they were and how it was resolved.

In the article at Politico she writes that officials in Hillary’s campaign saw that Barack Obama had left them $24 million in debt and wasn’t going to pay them back until 2016.

The Clinton campaign helped them out, or herself out, by paying out ten million dollars to the DNC and putting them on an allowance for the rest before she was the nominee.

The DNC also took a loan from the Clinton campaign for $2 million which may or may not be a violation of campaign finance law. It was taken out without the unanimous agreement of all the officers[…]

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