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Published on Sep 18, 2017 by Citizen Of The Planet

Bill O’Reilly Discusses Smear Attacks & His New Book Killing England.

Here is the article over at Newsmax as referenced in the above video by Bill O’Reilly:

Bill O’Reilly’s Accuser Arrested for False Allegation of Crime (excerpt below)

A 2015 arrest by Detroit police of a key accuser of Bill O’Reilly for giving a false report of a crime has raised serious doubts as to her credibility.

In April, O’Reilly was fired from Fox News shortly after Perquita Burgess claimed the host made sexually suggestive comments to her, including calling her “hot chocolate.”

Burgess worked at Fox News for several weeks in 2008 as a clerical temp.

Shortly after an April 1st New York Times report detailed sexual harassment allegations by several women against O’Reilly, Burgess called a 21st Century Fox hotline claiming alleged workplace misconduct by O’Reilly. 21st Century is the parent company of Fox News[…]

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