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Third [final] 2016 presidential debate

Speaking for myself, I am apoplectic that the Republican Party in the House and the Senate are blocking President Donald Trump’s agenda, an agenda that I voted and continue to support.

Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell leading the blockade have proven themselves a threat for years and it must end in 2018.

Below is an guidance manual as to how we can resolve this issue.

Unified Patriots by Cold Warrior

Please Ask Them The Question, If You Can, On Digital Video, In Front Of Others, And Get The Promise In Writing, Too

A couple of days ago a good friend from Ohio asked me which candidate he should support in the 2018 Republican Party primary election in Arizona, where I live, to take out #NeverTrump incumbent Sen. Jeff Flake. I told him I had not yet made up my mind, as there might be others who will get into the race. Currently, the front-runner is former Arizona state senator Dr. Kelli Ward, who ran against Sen. John McCain in the 2016 primary election.

My friend, Ohio precinct committeeman Rick Herron, who really, really “gets” what matters in political party politics, told me to ask this question of all of the Sen. Flake challengers, including, as set forth below, Dr. Kelli Ward:

The only question worth asking her [Dr. Kelli Ward] or any candidate for the Senate is: “Will you vote For or Against the Freedom Caucus candidate for Majority Leader?”

No other vote means a hill of beans. If she votes for Mitch McConnell, she IS Mitch McConnell.

Our candidates must be made aware that as far as we are concerned their first vote is their only vote.

It doesn’t really matter what they personally think about issues. It only matters what the Majority Leader thinks about the issues.

Let’s not be fooled again.

The same question needs to be asked of every “conservative” running against an incumbent #CampaignConservative Republican: Will you vote for or against the Freedom Caucus candidate for Speaker of the House?”

And when you do this, make sure you get them on video. Here’s why. (You can scroll to the 3:15 mark of the video.)

And why does Rick advocate this? Because . . . it is fundamental[…]

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