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Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

Daily Caller reports astounding findings over the weekend about public sentiment over Confederate statues, largely found in the South. The most amazing poll is that by a 44%-41% split, African-Americans want the statues to stay.

It would have been even more informative had the polls reflected the votes by regions of the country, red or blue, the levels of education, especially among blacks. Charles Barkley, a famous sportscaster and NBA-star, from rural Alabama, said he had seen them for years and never once gave it a second thought. He represents both a region and an age group, who see the statues differently from what we see in the news. Apparently they are the 44%..

Barkley also reflects the sentiments of most of my black friends in Richmond, the home of the Confederacy. Most of them are working men, or retired, only a few are white collar government workers. There is a bitchy quality to the Millennial black and white women presented by television, who rant more than discuss about these expressions of racism and white privilege they were apparently taught in college. They usually have a seat on panel discussion on all the media shows and generally respresent the 41%

65% of the white people, (and Hispanics), also like the statues as they are, and is probably much higher in the South where those statues reflect more than history, but also heritage. Family heritage. Most southern folk actually had family members fight in that war.

By contrast, Virginia’s governor, Terry McAuliffe is not a native Virginian (new York). Neither are its two senators, Mark Warner (Indiana) and Tim Kaine (Minnesota.) No skin in the game. Once upon a time they’d have been called carpetbaggers. And I expect to see that term come back into fashion if the issue continues, along with the aforementioned “bitchiness”, as personified by our 911 Emergency cover-girl, above[…]

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