<span style="font-size: 8pt;">Samson destroys Temple, Source: <a href="https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:SamsonDestroyTemple.jpg">Wikimedia commons</a>.</span>

Samson destroys Temple, Source: Wikimedia commons.

Unified Patriots by Vassar Bushmills

It’s sad but true that many people worship Donald Trump as a demigod; a lesser divinity. Trump doesn’t take himself that seriously, and would likely be amused. And since my grandmother, well into her 70s, felt the same about Elvis Presley, I suppose it’s harmless enough.

But God has very much to do with Donald Trump being where he is today. There is an alternate theory of God and Donald Trump, namely that he was sent here to punish us, which I’ll discuss at the end But first, my theory.

If you believe in God you must believe one or the other. If you don’t believe in God at all then you can still be a conservative, but will always be a 2nd Class conservative, for without an Invisible Hand you cannot logically deduce why America was born in the first place, and must have some other purpose, most likely self-serving, for claiming to be a conservative.

My view is that Donald Trump is God’s instrument, with the very specific task of tearing down the pillars and bricks of the Temple of the Ruling Class which the worst sorts of Americans have built to worship themselves on the backs of the people for whom this Holy Ground was proclaimed.

We’ve had other times in our history where similar bloodings have had to occur, but being so young a nation we have not yet written a large enough book to be able to thumb back through the pages to find understandable patterns in the ebb and flow of our history. Hell, it took the French 800 years just to find out they were worthless, and another 400 for the rest of the world to agree.

What we know is that because of the special circumstances of our birth, some say Bastardy and some say Divine (much as some mockers today like to poke fun at the birth of Jesus), the patterns of history for the rest of the world do not exactly apply. America is a case of first instance in all the thousands of years Man has dwelt on this earth so cannot be measured by any other nations’ sojourn here.

Which brings us back to God.

I would love to see the divine origins of America taught in college, maybe just a five-hour bloc, but not as History, rather as Natural Science, maybe even Physics, for just as scientists cannot explain the origins of the universe without there having been an Invisible Hand, an Intelligence, or oops!, a Creator, neither can any soft or hard science explain how, after 5000 years of going in one, and only one, direction, which on every occasion would lead to war, mass death, enslavement, poverty, and destruction, suddenly there would appear a new order for mankind based on reciprocity and built on the backs of yeoman farmers and clerks instead of conquerors and kings[…]

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