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Earlier this week, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson went at it with a climate change activist and babbling idiot, Josh Fox. Typical Marxist elitist, he man is as obnoxious as he is arrogant. Obviously, the man is compensated very well to espouse climate change dribble. Josh Fox lives to hear himself speak lives to hear himself speak and no one else.

The message: People having children is destroying the environment, i.e., fewer children in the minds of the twisted mean a reduction in the carbon footprint. Progressives are obviously distressed that women and girls having abortions are not slaughtering their babies in the womb fast enough.

Transcript [excerpt] —
CARLSON: “So the only country to take this policy and enact it on a large scale is China, which limited reproduction to one child per family for decades. That is also the biggest polluter in the world.”
FOX: “But they didn’t do that because of climate change. Do you understand the science on climate change?”
CARLSON: “That you ought to have fewer kids?”
FOX: “No, no, no. Do you understand the science of climate change? Tucker, science controls — science dictates everything that we do in our society. Science means that climate change is real. Science means that fracking pollutes groundwater. Science means that this television works, that cars work. Science presumably says that underneath your hair there is a brain behind those eyes. Of course, I haven’t seen it. Science would tell us that there aren’t a bunch of hamsters up there or a patch of straw. I mean, you’re not really using your brain right now, but what I am saying to you, Tucker, to make this kind of false arguments about what the scientists are doing — “
CARLSON: “I love being lectured about science by some filmmaker, it’s hilarious. Let me just say this, if you can back up one second —“
FOX: “Tucker, I asked you a question and you haven’t answered it.”
CARLSON: “Which is do I understand science?”
FOX: “Do you understand what the science is telling us about climate change? Because this is what’s very, very important. I find it remarkable.”
CARLSON: “Can you just back up and ask a real question?” [cross-talk]
FOX: “I talked to millennials about this question, I said, ‘Do you have an opinion about whether or not you should have children respective of climate change, and almost every one of them said, ‘Yes, I worry about this enormously. I worry about the future that my children will have.’”
CARLSON: “Can I ask you just one simple question? One second, you’re not winning me over with this. Just hold on.” [cross-talk]
FOX: “Well, I do think it’s important that people care about the future for their children. I really do, Tucker. Don’t you?”
CARLSON: “Everybody cares about the future for their children.”
FOX: “But you deny that our society is based on science. Medicine is based on science. Media is based on science. All of the things that we have to see. What the science is telling us is that climate change is going to create a situation which is very, very dangerous and difficult for civilizations to endure. Climate change will raise sea levels to the point to which it swamps all of our major cities.”
CARLSON: “That’s really scary. Can I just ask you a question, or are you going to continue with this stuff? Let me ask you a really simple question.”
FOX: “You still haven’t answered my question to you which is, ‘Do you understand —‘“
CARLSON: “Do I understand the science behind climate change? I guess not all of it, I’m not a scientist. No, I don’t fully understand it.”
FOX: “Okay, but do you understand — “
CARLSON: “I don’t know that you do either. I don’t think anybody fully does.”
FOX: “Do you understand how dire it is —“
CARLSON: “I’m ending this interview because you’re too obnoxious to talk to unless you just answer one simple question.”
FOX: “Okay, hold on, stop, stop, stop.”
CARLSON: “I just want to ask you a question, okay? You’re just giving me these general bromides about climate change.” [cross-talk]
FOX: “Ask the question. I want to tell you that I find it very moving. Go ahead, say what you’re saying.”
CARLSON: “When you say that climate change is destroying the world and it is the thing that we should worry about most, and then you say simultaneously it’s not really dependent upon our individual choices, aren’t you giving a pass to some of the big individual polluters? If I say I really care about climate change and I fly around —“
FOX: “It is political choices that matter, it’s group actions that matter. Millennials, who are by-and-large the people of childbearing age now — now you’re not letting me talk, so I’m just going to talk. Millennials, who are of childbearing age right now, number one issue is climate change, because they know they’re going to inherit an incredibly unstable world. The United Nations predicts —“
CARLSON: “Yeah, whatever. This is actually too stupid, I’m going to bring this to a close. I’d love to have a conversation with you, but you are moralizing like every Hollywood dopey guy invoking science to get self-righteous.”
FOX: “Tucker, I’m just trying to answer your question. I really want to be civil with you.”
CARLSON: “I’m being civil, I’m just too frustrated because —“
FOX: “No, no, no.”
CARLSON: “I appreciate it, thank you very much for joining.”