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Greg Howard, a New York Times reporter journalist propagandist penned a piece a few days ago entitled, “Was That Racist?,” in which Howard accused white female pedestrians of not stepping aside because they’re racist or something to that effect.

Howard’s accuses Caucasian female pedestrians in his path of not “walking courteously” (meaning stepping aside to allow him to pass) thereby forcing a Black man “completely off the sidewalk” only for Howard to find himself “standing in the street or in the dirt.” I

In his propaganda piece, Howard asks why don’t these white women in “acknowledge me” is it because doing so would force them to come to grips with their fear Black men.

Fox News, Tucker Carlson on his program and Jason Whitloc, host of Fox Sports 1 takes on Greg Howard’s bias and phobia of white women (hey, just calling it by its name.)

When it gets to the point that one cannot walk the streets of Manhattan’s crowded locations without viewing a walk down East 42nd Street through the prism of race, then one should get the hell out of Manhattan….and stay away from downtown Brooklyn.

There is a reason that New Yorkers have earned the reputation of being rude and it is not that we intend to be. We are merely focusing on the path before us.

Walking down NYC streets enroute to and from work, the subway station, bus, grab lunch or run an errand, depending on the time or day and the number of people in your path requires that one put a pep in his or her step while at the maneuvering his or her way through the obstacle course that lay before them.

Anything less will turn a five-minute walk at midnight down Seventh Avenue from West 27th Street to West 42nd Street into to a 30-minute walk during rush hour or at high noon. Trust me, speed walking is not enough. The same applies to everyone, Black, White, Asian, male, female, young or old.

Greg Howard is a racist, full of crap and in serious need of therapy.

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