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Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

“While men without honor were waiting to test

the unwritten Code of the West”  (Roger Miller)

When two people sit down to discuss the Constitution one reality becomes clear very quickly; either one is against it, and the other for it, or they are both for it. (Don’t ask me why, but when both are against it, they don’t discuss it all. They just share smiles, or sneers (with the Left they are easy to confuse) and self-congratulate about what they mutually hate, in that Us vs Them manner we’ve become accustomed to the past several years.)

As you know, the American Left had, until the rise of Barack Obama, masked their antipathy for the Constitution and the ordinary people of the United States, their true feelings about them only shared in private company.

They only want their inner circle to know their true purposes.

Obama changed all that. It was candidate Obama who informed us, in his august condescending manner, that the Constitution, as written, had it all wrong, then went on for eight years trying to rewrite it via executive orders. That superiorist image he had of himself may well have been his Party’s undoing, for by the time he left office the Left had entirely dropped any pretense of admiring constitutional precepts, setting off a “war to the finish” between two truly intractable ideological enemies, the forces of liberty versus the forces of authoritarian privilege.

Through their own arrogance and an astonishing alliance of unremarkable, scarcely noticeable folk, with perhaps a little nudge by the Invisible Hand (if you believe in such things) the Left lost their advantage, and the worm turned. In November they were defeated and we have begun undoing the Obama legacy.

Article V of the United States Constitution, a brief synopsis:

It seems I can’t begin any conversation dealing with the nature of conservatism without mentioning just how much the American landscape has changed in the past 8 months.

I’m not the scholar in the room, just a keener-than-average observer of the human condition, and have been following this phenomenon called the Article V Movement from its inception in 2013 without ever choosing sides[…]

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