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Facebook censored Sarah Noble of Independent Sentinel over her post entitled, Woman Rips Confederate Flag Off Truck, Then Rams the Owner with Her Car.  The free speech fascists at Facebook flagged and ordained the content offensive although it was not.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

The Sentinel posted an article on Facebook Wednesday about a woman ripping down a Confederate flag tag from a truck in Charleston, South Carolina. When the owner of the truck saw what she did, he ran out of a grocery store to take down her plate number.

In anger she backed the car into him and took off, leaving him screaming in the parking lot. When she was caught, she said she accidentally hit him. The vandalism charge does stick as does her leaving the scene of an accident.

Facebook didn’t like it and left us in the position of having to remove it.

We did refer to her as a crazy, deranged lib. While that was not PC and a bit rude, it was an accurate story. It’s not fake news.

This was their comment about it being a “negative experience” for people:

The left actively reports as part of their censorship mantra[…]

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