It is reassuring to know that I am not the only one sick of Progressives and their collaborators in the media pushing a bogus narrative about Russia hacking the election.

Let it go already.

The Daily Sheeple by Dawn Luger

If literally not one single vote changed thanks to this horrible hacking perpetrated by Vladimir Putin and his minions, it should be dropped already. After all, with the amount of meddling the United States does in foreign countries elections, one would think they’d like to keep this quiet.

It’s as if they aren’t even trying to hide their ridiculous scheme anymore. If the government and the left wants anyone to buy this snake oil, now is the time to put up the evidence. Without evidence, the election, which didn’t sway anyway, is valid. Even with evidence, that if existed would have been shown by now, the election is valid because no votes were changed. But the media is desperately trying to spin this in favor of leftists, unsurprisingly. They title articles that declare “Intelligence Official: Russia Hackers Targeted 21 States During The Election,” yet once you go to read it, it’s the same nonsense as Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton spewed in the days following Donald Trump’s win. Blame Russia because Democrats lost, oh, and there’s no new information.

Nothing has changed. There’s no new information, yet the media presents the testimony of Department of Homeland Security official Jeanette Manfra as some sort of breaking announcement. If there is any evidence that this entire situation is fake, it’s the mainstream media’s insistence on publishing the same things over and over again hoping it will somehow convince us – without any proof still, of course. 

Manfra, who is the DHS’s acting deputy undersecretary of cybersecurity, would not identify which states had been targeted, citing confidentiality agreements. She reiterated that there was no evidence that any actual votes were manipulated, as did former FBI director, James Comey. 

“As of right now, we have evidence that election-related systems in 21 states were targeted,” Manfra told the Senate Intelligence Committee, which investigating Russia’s meddling in the 2016 presidential election. Systems were breached in a smaller number of states, she said but did not give a specific figure, probably because she’s full of it. If she had evidence, we’de have seen it by now. But maybe she can’t remember, like Jeff Sessions. So the media comes in to blast propaganda as “bad” but only because Hillary lost.

According to Yahoo News:

U.S. intelligence agencies concluded that the Kremlin orchestrated a wide-ranging influence operation that included email hacking and online propaganda in order to discredit Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and help Donald Trump, a Republican, win the White House.

What’s laugh out loud hysterical about that little paragraph, was the obviously biased propaganda that the majority of mainstream media outlets put out in favor of Hillary Clinton during the 2016 election. Bias is bad apparently unless you’re biased toward the side the media demands you lean toward. Propaganda is only bad when used against a Democrat, according to most of the news organizations.

Manfra and other officials testifying on Wednesday reiterated that U.S. elections are resilient to hacking in part because they are decentralized and largely operated on the state and local level. Again, then this really shouldn’t matter. Not one single vote was changed and no evidence has been produced. Until we have more to go on the word of a few government officials, there’s nothing else to do. So why are we wasting so much of our stolen tax dollars on this dog and pony show?

The attempt to delegitimize Trump’s election was a solid one. Democrats latched onto anything they could to make every attempt to get this Russian hacking narrative to stick. There’s just not a shred of evidence to support it anymore. Those who chose to sit out this last election and not vote are probably feeling pretty dang good about that decision right about now. And Putin is probably kicking back in his huge bathtub in his castle in Russia, sipping vodka and watching the US flail and throw tantrums like toddlers fighting over the last glue stick.


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