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Progressives are going insane but who cares.  They are the party of obstructionists.  They can’t handle the truth.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

On Thursday, the Senate published the revised healthcare bill titled, the Better Healthcare Reconciliation Act. It is not a complete replacement but it’s not simply a fix either. The bill is a refinement of the House bill.

Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer came out Thursday with their prepared remarks on the Senate healthcare bill as soon as it was released. These two must be speed readers since they already condemned it.

Democrats would not take part in the process of writing the healthcare bill but they do like to criticize it.

Senators have a week to read the 142-page bill and offer amendments. By way of contrast, Republicans had 24 hours to read the more than 2,000+-page Obamacare bill, but were not allowed to offer amendments.

Obamacare was written in secret and Republicans were not allowed to participate in the planning. With this new bill, however, Democrats were invited to participate in the writing of the bill and they refused, to a man.

It is clear that Republicans could present a bill written under a collaboration of Jesus, Allah and Yahweh and Democrats would have rejected it. Democrats are obstructionists. They are party of ‘no’.

The Better Healthcare Reconciliation Act can be read on this link[…]

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