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USS Fitzgerald Source <a href="http://www.navy.mil/view_imagex.asp?id=240482&amp;t=1">U.S. Navy</a>

USS Fitzgerald Source U.S. Navy

Eight years of Barack Obama’s own declaration of war on our U. S. military, our enemies no longer fear us.

The Mad Jewess

The Sign Of The USS Fitzgerald: Our Ships Will Be Sunk, Jets Blown Up. Get Out Of #SYRIA NOW

It is NO accident that the name of the ship that was hit, the “USS Fitzgerald” is the same name as the ship that sunk in 1975 called the Edmund Fitzgerald.

This song, “The wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” by Gordon Lightfoot was strong on my heart last week. Before the 2nd Fitzgerald ship collided:

Last week, 7 days ago, I posted on Gab:

6 Days ago, the Edmund Fitzgerald was STRONG on my heart: https://gab.ai/MadJewessWoman/posts/8773925[…]

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