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Original image source: Pixabay (Siberian city)

This definitely fits into the “there’s more than one way to skin a cat” file even if the cat returns to wail about it (as expected).

#CNNFakeNews Jim Acosta whined to Wolf Blitzer yesterday about his being relegated to “Siberia” during President Donald Trump’s press conference Friday with the president of Romania.

But #CNNFakeNews was not alone in “Siberia” meaning the rear of the Rose Garden. Pursuant to a tweet by Gabby Morrongiello of the New York Post, #NYTFakeNews was placed in the back as well away from the press.

Morrongiello discussed the relegation of #FakeNews to “Siberia” on MSNBC and CNN this morning.

Breitbart News

CNN’s Wolf Blitzer said it was “outrageous.” And Acosta, mustering up the courage mainstream media reporters never found while Barack Obama was president, said the poor seating assignments are “not going to deter us from what we’re doing over here.” Breitbart’s Matt Boyle has described Acosta as “a vehemently anti-Trump media figure in the heart of the opposition party’s mothership CNN.”

…The New York Times was sent to the very last row a day after former FBI director James Comey revealed on Thursday while testifying before the Senate Intelligence Committee that the Times published a fake news story in February suggesting that Trump’s campaign had colluded with Russians a year before the 2016 election.

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Below is Mark Dice’s take on the “matter” (no pun intended).

The opposition party will be whining all weekend but in the meantime, there is twitter and none of it is favorable.