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Bless her heart.  Lady Penguin is saying what we’ve all been thinking the past 24 plus hours.

Unified Patriots by Lady Penguin

Yesterday, a new meme magically made its way into the 24/7 news cycle. What would we do without at least one new story a day pushing the, “But Russia, but Russia interfered” election narrative?

Reality Winner, yes, that’s her name, and I’m not concerned if she was born with it or not – it’s obviously her choice to go forth in life with being unconventional; fits everything else in her young life’s resume. Ms. Winner is of the millennial generation. A generation of young people (20-30+yr olds) who think they own the world and can run it. If you watch any of the cable news channels, and then hang in there for viewing the old standbys of NBC, ABC, and CBS, they’re mostly populated by this age group. The old folks are being driven out.

So, this generation of young people produces a woman named Reality Winner, an Air Force veteran, speaker of several Iranian based languages, and at 25, she made it into a very high level security clearance level. Not too much unusual in that these days – FBI starts them young, and the military certainly has their fair share of young people in incredibly responsible positions.

But how did Ms. Winner get her security clearance? That’s the most important question that should be addressed.

Her background: military? check, foreign language capabilities? check, and supposedly being bright and intelligent made her marketable in the workplace. But in a high level security position? Now that is the box that shouldn’t have been checked. The red flags were all over this individual as regards her sentiments about loyalty and patriotism toward America.

This is where the only question I can ask is, “How in the world did she pass the background checks?” We have two scenarios to consider: 1) Incredibly sloppy work on the part of whomever was hired by the contracting firm she worked for to do these background checks, or 2) This was deliberate, ie. we’ll give her security clearances anyway because it suits our purposes. These days one has to consider the devious as well as the more simple explanation. On this, the Left is going to go with Occam’s Razor. Many of us fighting the Left will be open to much more serious analysis of why and how she did what she did[…]

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