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America’s Leftist elites use their power to stroke their egos and, like Pharaoh, are unconcerned when ordinary people suffer from their hypocrisy.

One of the (many) good things about the Trump era is that Victor Davis Hanson seems to be on a perpetual roll, swatting away both the #Resistance crowd and the #NeverTrump crowd. His latest offering points to the epic hypocrisy that characterizes Leftist elites who have control over our schools, our media, our entertainment empire, and our bureaucracy:

So perhaps what drives proverbially average Americans crazy is not the success and money of others, but the condescension and hypocrisy of what a particular elite says contrasted with how it lives: The disconnect recalls the Reverend Jimmy Swaggart, the televangelist who on Sunday mornings three decades ago used to break into tears as he loudly condemned the sins of the flesh, while he privately indulged his worldly appetites.


Wealthy white college kids chant about the demon white privilege, going so far as to help demand racially segregated safe spaces, dorms, and, in one case currently in the news, temporary expulsion of white people from campus. They rage against a privilege that they enjoy and that their perceived targets — the unenlightened middle of America — do not. Yet one easy way of ending white privilege, to the extent that it exists, among elite enclaves would be to send one’s children to public high schools rich in diversity[…]

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