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At about the same time that President Donald Trump announced that his withdrawal of the United States from the Paris Climate Accord, Obama was dispatched the following statement as if what he had to say would make a difference or anyone cared.

Lying Obama, it’s all about his legacy and collapsing the American economy (US debt soars 86% under Obama presidency to nearly $20 trillion).

Karma is sweet. Less than two years ago, Barack Hussein Obama conducting business as usual bypassed the Senate to push through the Paris Climate deal.

George Soros’ hand puppet, Obama’s sole priority has always been to cement his legacy as the leader of the New World Order. Obama, an authoritarian was never the leader of the United States just as the name of the game has never been about Climate Change. The name of the game is CLIMATE FINANCE meaning the Paris Accord is a sham, hollow without America’s participation and a ruse to redistribute our nation’s wealth, as pointed out by Politico (yes, Politico) back in 2015.

…And therein lies the sticking point on which negotiations actually center: climate finance.” Climate finance is the term for wealth transferred from developed to developing nations based on a vague and shifting set of rationales including repayment of the “ecological debt” created by past emissions, “reparations” for natural disasters, and funding of renewable energy initiatives.

The issue will dominate the Paris talks. The INDCs covering actual emissions reductions are subjective, discretionary, and thus essentially unnegotiable. Not so the cash. Developing countries are expecting more than $100 billion in annual funds from this agreement or they will walk away….

Somehow, the international process for addressing climate change has become one where addressing climate change is optional and apparently beside the point. Rich countries are bidding against themselves to purchase the developing world’s signature on an agreement so they can declare victory — even though the agreement itself will be the only progress achieved….

The above article written back in 2015 is authored by Oren Cass (@oren_cass), senior fellow of the Manhattan Institute ().

Cass has written articles on the Paris Climate Change deal as far back as 2014. While I suspect he believes in climate change, Cass is clearly hitting a nerve this week on social media.

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