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USAA chose the wrong horse to back.  Sean Hannity is very good to our troops, veterans, border patrol agents, law enforcement, etc.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

USAA is a financial service company for the military community and their families, according to their Twitter page. USAA apparently doesn’t believe in standing up for the freedoms our Armed Forces fight for including free speech.

USAA pulled their ads from Sean Hannity’s TV show on Fox after Media Matters put Hannity on their hit list.

The shame of it is Hannity is a very big supporter of the military and Media Matters is not.

The company is still advertising on opinion shows on the hard-left MSNBC though they claim that is the reason they conveniently dropped Hannity after the boycott was announced.

The Soros-Brock Media Matters (MM) blog launched a full-scale campaign against Hannity, even publishing the names of all his advertisers. They recently bragged and were quoted in the NY Times as having destroyed Bill O’Reilly exactly this way. Media Matters has threatened Fox with getting all ads removed from all of their Fox News cable shows.

Sean Hannity had been trying to get to the bottom of the unsolved murder of Seth Rich and that was the impetus, or should we say excuse, for this latest assault by the Soros-funded group led by Brock[…]

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When called out for their decision on twitter, USAA’s responsive was rather Progressive?