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The Mad Jewess by TMJ

Mafia Democrat Media Downplaying The Murder Of #SethRich

Gimme a friggin break. Seth Rich was the one transmitting information to Wikileaks and all of the info was against the DNC…..Rich winds up dead and the Democrat Mafia party wants us to believe they didn’t murder him? Please…Everyone now knows that the DNC is mob rule. And, if you don’t believe this, take meds.

The Podesta family and the Clinton family have gotten together with their Caporegimes in order to mock the murder of Seth Rich. This is so typical of these Communists. How many did the Commies murder in the last century? 100 million? That’s worse than Hitler. The Democrat Mob knows they’re all a bunch of murderous psychopaths.

Hillary made her bones long ago:

How do these Mafia Liberal bastards keep getting away with this!?

FOX retracted their story against Godmother, Hillary.

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