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Source: DonkeyHotey_Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

New York State’s greasy Governor Andrew Cuomo who allows his staff to delete emails at will, stated that “extreme Conservatives have no place in New York” and who by executive order forcibly removes the homeless off the streets during the winter, not that he cares but because he’s the governor, a Progressive who believes that the homeless have no rights is trying to stick President Trump with the responsibility, blame and tab for New York City’s disastrous Penn Station.

Independent Sentinel by S. Noble

Andrew Cuomo, New York’s tax and spend governor, has a very serious train problem in New York City’s Penn Station, and he is trying to transfer the blame and the expense to the federal government.

In addition to setting a trap for President Trump, it’s a demand for money from the federal taxpayer for a problem he created.

Cuomo has declared the Penn Station repairs a “state of emergency” in an attempt to get Donald Trump to send him funds after he neglected the problem. No one declares a self-induced  train station problem a “state of emergency”.

If Trump falls for it, he’s a fool and he’ll regret it.

It’s the old monkey off my back and on to your back trick.

Penn Station is a “dump” in “deplorable” conditions, Cuomo announced. He wants Trump to intervene[…]

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All about 2020, I suggest Cuomo pull back the millions, likely billions he’s doling out to illegal aliens for healthcare, rent, education, etc.  Oh yes and the funds used to hide illegals from the federal government and their legal fees.

Then there is the matter of $163 million for free in-state college tuition for New Yorkers.  Are you kidding me?  There is plenty of money for Cuomo to clean up his infrastructure mess.  Penn Station is his own doing.