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BBC One is running a three-part special this week entitled, “Three Girls.” It is a true story about a scandal that began to surface about a decade ago [timeline 2003 to 2014] in the UK about gangs of Muslim adult men who prey on the young known as grooming gangs.

What are grooming gangs?

Grooming gangs are mostly older Muslim men who befriend unsuspecting young girls and boys, most of whom are poor and live in a troubled environment.

The children, many teens are reeled in aka groomed with gifts, booze, drugs and fast food all the while these men are pretending to care about their prey. As with most pedophiles, the point is to gain the children’s trust.


Once trust is gained and their victims groomed, the predators strike raping the girls (or boys) repeatedly. They claim their victims as their property and the children are threatened into silence.

Kept in line by their predators: The girls are raped, drugged, tortured, threatened, trafficked for sex, passed around to whomever, wherever at anytime.

The system, from social services to law enforcement, etc. failed the victims and their families who came forward by turning a blind eye to their plight often leaving the girls with nowhere to turn except back into hands of their abusers.

Why? Because, Social workers, prosecutors, and juries are inherently prejudiced against vulnerable teenagers?”

Political correctness creates victims by enabling predators.


No one wanted to deal with a matter that has fast overtaken the UK and is destroying the innocence of 13-year-old girls.

It should not matter what side of the tracks children come from or if a family has suffered a setback and fallen upon hard times. Children deserve better and they deserve to be protected from these pigs as do their families.

In a country that refuses deal with the blossoming problem of Muslim domination, grooming gangs continue to sexually assault non-Muslim boys and girls undeterred until this day.

“Three Girls” is the horrific story of what became known as the Rochdale child sexual abuse scandal.

There is a scene in part one of Three Girls where one of the girls, Holly is questioned by a detective. During the session which is being videotaped, the detective sitting opposite Holly while questioning the teen lets out a yawn. Victimizing the victim in the company of her father and it is just the beginning.


Warning: Right off the top, The Guardian’s review (excerpt below) of “The Girls” begins disgustingly politically correct. The review describes the men as Asian leaving out the fact that they are Muslims.

Three Girls review – a brave new focus on the Rochdale child sexual abuse scandal

The interview room of a police station. Present are two male officers, a traumatised girl with an injured hand, and her father, acting as the appropriate adult, as his daughter is only 15. It turns out that the girl – Holly – has been arrested, on suspicion of causing criminal damage to the glass counter of a takeaway and stealing two cans of pop. Already, it’s telling that a victim is seen as a suspect. “Would you like to tell me what happened?” asks one of the policemen.

Three Girls (BBC1), Nicole Taylor’s powerful and important three-part drama, based on the Rochdale child sexual abuse scandal, then goes back a couple of months, to soon after Holly arrives in town, falls out with her parents and befriends headstrong, rebellious and naive sisters, Amber and Ruby. (Names have been changed in order to protect them.) Through them, Holly meets a circle of older Asian men. As they have done to Amber and Ruby and other vulnerable young girls, they befriend Holly and give her food and vodka. They groom her….

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[Never mentioning the words “Muslim” or “Islam,” towards the end of the above article, there is mention that what The Guardian will not own up to is discretely touched upon (if not by name) in Part III.]

See trailer below:

Part 1 of Three Girls which someone uploaded to YouTube can be viewed here, provided YouTube has not removed it. You have to see it to believe it.

Finally, if the series peaks your interest, part II airs tonight and part III tomorrow night…in the UK. (In the USA? I cannot say.)

By the way, because the special is airing this week, articles are everywhere. Simply google: Rochdale grooming gangs.