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Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

I recently published an article about the Richard DreyfussCivicsInitiative, which, as I wrote it, I realized the stalling game is probably the only one the Democrat-Left can play against the Trump presidency. For the Democrats it’s a numbers game, and a waiting game, and highest among that is waiting for my generation, Baby Boomers to simply die off.

To the Left it’s a simple plan of demographics and time.

Territorially, they are as weak as they have been since the days before Jim Crow. You’ve seen the electoral map, small islands of concentrated blue in a large sea of red.

But don’t be fooled. Inside those blue specks are locked away about 40% of the American population, and well over half of America’s institutions, especially its centers of higher education. And every place there is a city or county government center, there is a blue nest that controls at least half of it. And in even the reddest of places, Kansas, Oklahoma, or Georgia, we hear of some school teacher having a 5th grader arrested for picking up a stick and pointing it at someone else. It’s true, if you use the Google Earth zoom-button, you can zoom into to see that almost every public school has pockets of blue, especially in social studies classrooms,which also explains, as I found out recently in a visit to an affluent Atlanta bedroom community north of the city, why there are also large pockets of red homeschool centers. Large ones, the size of convents.

The lesson here is that at least the people get it, even if their politicians don’t, or don’t really understand their contract with the people.

Since a successful 25th Amendment removal or impeachment-type coup d’état seem improbable, the Left believes they can still wait us (Baby Boomers) out, until our mortality rate out-grows our replacement of like-minded citizens, and they can continue to pump out new voting citizens streaming forth from those blue fortresses of academe at the rate of 1m-2m a year. The Baby Boomers who pushed Donald Trump into office in November even sense this creeping mortality, I think, in that most of us know that we no were no better than 50% successful in passing on the key elements of citizenship to our children, in part because of our naive reliance on public schools to do that for us (when we should have known better) alongside a steep increase in the divorce rate, which insured far too many of our Generation X children would walk through those schools largely with only one parent[…]

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NOTE: The article to which Vassarbushmills references in the first paragraph above is: Tucker Carlson Meets Richard Dreyfuss, The Urgency of the Baby Boomers.