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The state of Louisiana is under assault by Communists and Antifas determined to remove and destroy all historical monuments and visible history involving the Civil War.

For several weeks, patriots who support the confederacy have come face to face with Antifas while standing vigil over the Jefferson Davis monument.

A protest and counter-protest is scheduled to begin today in New Orleans to which the Oath Keepers issued a call to action.

Oath Keepers by Stewart Rhodes

Dear Oath Keepers, Three Percenters, veterans, bikers, and other patriots,

Our Louisiana Oath Keepers chapter is deploying to New Orleans to help defend free speech and also to defend the Civil War monuments from illegal destruction by Antifa and other radical leftists, who have threatened to tear down the Robert E. Lee statue tomorrow, Sunday, May 7. In particular, we are sending some of our most experienced retired police officers and military veterans from Louisiana, as well as some of the same Oath Keepers police and special warfare veteran leaders we sent twice to Berkeley, CA – men who are very experienced at shutting Anti-fa down.

They can use your help. If you are of the right mindset and capability to be a “hands on” defender and are within driving range such that you can get to New Orleans by 11:00 AM tomorrow morning.  If so, please show up to help defend people from assault[…]

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