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<span style="font-size: 8pt;">Domestic terrorist/Antifa/Obama bff, Bill Ayers</span>

Domestic terrorist/Antifa/Obama bff, Bill Ayers

Who would’ve thought?
Who would dare make the connection?
Never mind.

Independent Sentinel by Sarah Noble

Communist and domestic terrorist Bill Ayers is working with Antifa. Ayers is the terrorist who gave Barry Obama his start as a politician with a gathering of Chicago left-wing politicos in the Ayers living room.

Obama and Ayers ran a leftist school together for five years. Their offices were on the same floor. The left likes to claim that it was a Republican organization because it received funding from the Annenberg Foundation, which was started by a Republican Governor. The truth is that it was a radical left-wing school.

Ayer is leading “Refuse Fascism“, a fascist organization that is silencing conservatives. It is partially funded by George Soros. He is targeting youth, brainwashing them into violent opposition to freedom.

Ayers has been involved with Moral Monday and other Chicago riots, October Ferguson, and Occupy Wall Street. He embraces violence and terrorism[…]

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Let’s just call it the Obama connection.
The skank is never far away.