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On Monday as Communists around the world celebrated May Day, Carlos Gaio, a YouTuber living in Venezuela is released part one of a series of videos entitled: “My Socialist Hell part 1: Job story.”

The point of the video is to share with the world the suffering and harsh conditions under which the people of Venezuela are living. Carlos is to garner enough donations through his video series to escape Venezuela.

Carlos, a 31-year-old unemployed English language teacher aware of the history and failings of socialism has been unemployed since December 2015.

The Blaze

…Gaio begins by saying that his government is not actually a government, it is more accurately a dictatorship. He says they are running the country as a socialist one, but as Gaio says “if you take a look at history, socialism never worked.”

“Take a look at the USSR. Take a look at Romania,” says Gaio. “Take a look at all the eastern European countries that were run by socialism during the 70’s and 80’s. They don’t have these forms of government anymore