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Putting their ignorance and love of Communism on display, Black Lives Matter flew a planeload of students to Cuba to participate in the International Solidarity Brigade.

Last week, the BLM Chicago dispatched the following tweet:

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Two of the crew held a sign that read: End U.S. economic embargo against Cuba now! Return Guantanamo to Cuba now! End all subversive programs against Cuba now!

On Monday, BLMChicago posted “the second half of our delegation is on the way to Cuba for May Day and the international solidarity Brigade!” accompanied by a picture of several students under a banner that read “BLMChi is Cuba bound!”


The goal, apparently, is to take in all of the supposedly great ideals of communism and implement them in the Windy City, where Black Lives Matter activists have campaigned relentlessly against police-involved shootings of black criminals[…]

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Again, a Progressive organization, in this instance, Black Lives Matter has proven to the world (again) that Black lives (or any life for that matter) as far they BLM is concerned and unless it benefits the Communist agenda are not worth a damn.

This year’s May Day brigade to Cuba, its 12th hosted by the Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples (ICAP) is the first time that Communists organizers in the United States are participating (officially anyway).

As posted on its website, The Militant

This year’s brigade is in honor of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. Castro was the central leader of the 1959 revolution that overthrew the U.S.-backed dictatorship of Fulgencio Batista. He led Cuba’s workers and farmers to overthrow capitalism and start on the road to control their own destiny. He died last November….

Whether it’s on U. S. soil, African soil, or even Cuban soil where Blacks are brutalized, raped, tortured, murdered, imprisoned and oppressed by the Castro regime, the lives and suffering of all people do not register on BLM’s radar if Progressives cannot gin up useful idiots to take to the street.

How stupid are these people? Actually, the students have not been taught any better. The students going on this trip are in for a rude awakening per the first paragraph the The Militant’s April 24th article by Naomi Craine, member of the Socialist Workers Party National Committee.

Chicago event raises funds for May Day brigade to Cuba

“We’re planning this trip to build solidarity with the Cuban Revolution,” said Michael Jabari at an April 8 fundraiser to support participation in the 12th May Day International Brigade to Cuba.


Brigade members will join hundreds of thousands of Cubans at the annual May Day march in Havana, take part in voluntary work in the fields and attend an international meeting to discuss building solidarity with the revolution. They will meet members of women’s, union, youth and other mass organizations and visit workplaces and surrounding cities.

voluntary work in the fields?”  Why the hell would they take AMERICAN students to work in the fields of Cuba, if only for a minute?   Dog whistles for:  Slavery! Indoctrination! You’ll cut that sugar cane and love it!  Those students are so screwed!

This is a field trip, enslavement, and a brainwashing campaign all rolled into one.  Back in the day, it was called survival camp (but that is a post for another day).

Students will not be allowed to “volunteer” because that’s not the way Communism works.  Brainwash them with anti-USA propaganda while they’re working in the fields.

I suspect that students will not be allowed to “volunteer” because that’s not the way Communism works.  Brainwash them with anti-USA propaganda while they’re working under the hot sun in the fields while omitting part about how brown skin teens, men and women are rotting in Cuba’s prison or have died because everything that Black teenagers in America love especially hip-hop are illegal.

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