It works for me. Kick them ALL out!

Cry and Howl

I think it’s time to dispose of every person who is in the United States illegally. After reading some of the stories in the link provided we need to accept the fact that every one of these incidents should never have happened. And just who is to blame … I guess you’ll have to decide. Donald Trump is President and I’m  very grateful he’s taking action against these sick sons of bitches who prey on innocent Americans and suck the American taxpayers dry.  Trump is doing a good enough job despite running into opposition every step of the way. The negative press is beyond your typical bias reporting and frankly it’s gotten very old, very quickly. I’m somewhat disappointed that Trump has allowed over 12,000 “refugees” from Islamic nations to infiltrate the U.S. but I’m not sure what he alone can do about it. He has near zero support from…

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