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The Shoreham-Wading River Central School District billed taxpayers to the sum of $153,000 for this year’s Shoreham-Wading River High School senior trip to Orlando, Florida, i.e., Disney World to be exact.

Because theirs is a sense of entitlement the trip was billed as a “a priceless educational experience.” Did Shoreham-Wading River Central School District believe for a moment that the expense would go unnoticed?

Taxpayers learned of the expense and last month’s senior trip at a meeting and they are fuming.

In 2016, only 1 in 3 students attended the senior trip costing the school district $10,000. This year 80% of the Class of 2017 which makes up 227 seniors made the four day trip to Disney costing the Shoreham-Wading River Central School District $153,000 (airfare and hotel).

In 2016, students contributed


Now, just a month before residents vote on the district’s proposed budget, that decision is at the center of a backlash that drew anger from some taxpayers about the cost of the excursion and left officials scrambling to explain the educational purpose it served.

“It’s a huge stretch to think that the Florida trip, where some of the kids went to Epcot [international theme park], is educational,” said Robert Badalian, a 40-year Shoreham resident, who was at the school board’s April 5 meeting. “I don’t deny that the kids have the opportunity to go, but to think that that is an educational trip — that taxpayers are funding almost its entirety this past year — is just outrageous.”

District officials promised that next year’s trip will be different…


…The controversy has its roots in discussions that began last summer, days after Lederer became interim schools chief. The district’s attorney, who had taken a closer reading of state law, said he believed the Disney journey technically was an educational field trip — and as such, the district had to pick up most of the tab, Lederer said. There was a “change made in philosophy, and it ended up escalating the size of the trip,” board president John Zukowski said at the meeting….

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See comparison chart of expenses below:

Once again, there must be emphasis on draining the swamp. Fire everyone on the Shoreham-Wading River Central School District board especially in light of their statement posted on their website.

Statement Regarding District Funding of Field Trips

The District prides itself on providing a multitude of enrichment activities for students, including school-sponsored field trips throughout the year.

For the 2016-17 school year, the District allocated funds within the adopted budget to expand enrichment opportunities for students, which included full funding for all school-related field trips.

Each year, the District reviews its policies and practices in an effort to best serve our student body, while also being financially prudent with taxpayer dollars. That said, the District has allotted significantly less funding in the 2017-18 budget for school sponsored trips. Although we have, and will continue to financially support these excursions, funding will only support the educational components of the trip, and may not include logistical planning such as food, transportation and lodging.

The District recognizes the cultural and social benefits field trips offer our students and we will continue to engage students in hands-on learning experiences.

As always, we appreciate the fundraising work of our students, community and parent groups that assist us in reaching our academic goals.


There is nothing cultural or educational about Disney World unless one considers Disney’s discrimination actions against an American workforce. Case in point, the layoffs of an American workforce to replace them with a foreign workforce through the H-1B visa program. [Save that discussion for another day.]

As for those living in the same school district, protest the increase in property taxes.