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(There are lies, and damned lies….” -Mark Twain)

Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

I’m absolutely delirious in my dislike for the Associated Press.

And it’s all about honesty and dishonesty.

Now, personally I’ve never known Mr Manafort to lie, but I suppose he has uttered an untruth here and there, especially in his term as (unpaid) campaign manager for Donald Trump (March-August) in 2016. Why we know this is because all of Trump’s campaign staff lied during those months.

How do we know this?

Just ask the Associated Press. Or CNN. Or the New York Times, etc, etc.

I know you’re thinking, in this day and age, there are many sides to the truth. But in fact there is usually only one in any given set of circumstances. Courts of law and the Rules of Evidence, while allowing many versions of the truth to be sworn to, provide rules that a jury can only find one to be the superior truth, and that all must abide by that finding.

In many parts of the world, for centuries, this rule of law has defined civilization. In America, as well as other free societies, the media has always been (sort of) exempt from this rule, while still subject to certain natural laws and punishments that just natural follow when they step too far out of line with the truth in trying to mold public opinion.

Next to corrupt politicians, card sharks and drummers of whiskey cut with kerosene, I think local editors were the most likely liars to find themselves tied to the front end of a cow-catcher, or being tarred and feathered with hot oil. Like the ancient biblical tradition of throwing prophets who turned out to be wrong over a cliff, I think being honey-dipped, at least the cuffs of one’s fine $500 Armani, is a tradition worth recapturing[…]

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