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Another insightful essay from Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills:

The bulk of this essay was first written in 2010 when serious conservatives saw the GOP Establishment merely as shameless cravens, part- Stockholm Syndrome to their Democrat betters, across the aisle, and part what I’ve referred to elsewhere as “Rice Bowl Tories”.

2010 was when the GOP Establishment saw us as Hobbits, per John McCain, and had handshakes a’plenty for those across the aisle, but extended no hand for the voting masses who, as this letter requests, we asked them to extend..

But much has changed since May, 2010. First the people gave the GOP the House to undo Obamacare later that year, and then when nothing changed, the people the gave the GOP the Senate in 2014 to augment their firepower. And then when still nothing changed except possibly even more knowing smiles, the people  changed course and gave themselves Donald Trump.

Then everything changed, especially those Cheshire countenances among the Establishment. Having no choice but to choose between the Crown and these awful Hobbits, the grins have disappeared.

Today, the Republicans, including a number of conservatives, are none too happy for having been put into this situation, especially by seemingly being unable to do anything about it.

For them, this really is the Devil and the deep blue sea…choices many Republicans really don’t like to have to make, a president they really don’t like, even when he shows flashes of genius, or squishes the media with his thumb as one would a cockroach, or exhibits a leadership they’d always boasted about themselves but never really had to perform.

He is not one of them, and that is reason enough not to like Donald Trump. And then there’s that rambunctious voter base, Hobbits, recently renamed “Deplorables”, who has absolutely no respect for the Establishment’s rank and title, instead judging them entirely on their performance as enemies of the Left, which, if this were 1952 and Adlai Stevenson were the face of American liberalism, might be passable. But not now, while our nation teeters at the brink..

So, if they choose wrong one way, their reserved deckchair on the Swamp’s beachside resort may be lost. But a wrong choice the other way, a rope may await them. Existential choices both, only who wants to have to make them?

Let me take you back to 2010 when first I tried to explain the essential handshake between the Republican Party and the people. And once again, I’m standing here, with my right hand extended, only now I’m holding a 2 x 4 in my left, just to get your attention.

The Hook

In 2010, just after Obamacare, but before the midterms, I took note of political conditions in Virginia. I had a friend who was a long time Virginia GOP insider. A conservative only when the party is out of power, he was down-the-line all-politics  when his party was in, as it was then with Bob McDonnell & Co. He believed they were in for at least eight years, with Bill Bolling the heir apparent, the deal already cut[…]


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