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President Trump gave a historic speech last week honoring President Andrew Jackson. True to current form, the media largely either missed or maligned it.

During his visit to the Hermitage, Jackson’s home and final resting place in Nashville, Tennessee, President Trump paid respects to his predecessor on Jackson’s 250th birthday. He was the first president to do so since Ronald Reagan in 1982. And in his speech President Trump said something I have been saying for nearly a year now: That Presidents Trump and Jackson have a tremendous amount in common.

First, President Trump earned the respect of the Americans who elected him largely by being an outsider and a disruptive force chosen to break up existing Washington power structures. He did this in the campaign by defeating long-time political power brokers in Republican circles. He disrupted the general election by defeating Hillary Clinton – much to the dismay of the establishment in Washington and the media. And he has been working from the White House to further disrupt entrenched special interests and the pervasive, entrenched Washington bureaucracy[…]

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