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Not a day has gone by since that June day in 2015 when now President Donald Trump announced plans to run for the White House that media propagandists have not had a meltdown and this afternoon is no different.

Washington Times by S. A. Miller

Revelations that Trump transition officials were “unmasked” and included in surveillance reports circulated within the Obama administration potentially confirm President Trump’s allegations that his campaign was “wiretapped,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes said Wednesday.

“It is possible,” Mr. Nunes told reporters after briefing Mr. Trump on the information.

“There was some level of surveillance activity — perfectly legal — but I don’t think the American people would be comfortable with it.”

Mr. Nunes, whose committee is investigating both allegations that Trump campaign officials colluded with Russia and Mr. Trump’s “wiretapping” claims against the Obama administration, said the surveillance material that included Trump transition officials did not involve Russia.

The California Republican said that he had received a few dozen examples of surveillance reports in which Trump campaign officials were unmasked, a possible violation of federal secrecy laws[…]

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How dare Nunes break these revelations not just to the President but the public while fake news media is smearing Paul Manafort? How dare he? Sarcasm.

Once again, Trump is right and again, the media can’t handle it. Who cares.