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Continuing where he left off, below is Part V of Vassar Bushmills’ War Gaming essay series. See bottom of post for links to Parts I – IV.

Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

I had intended to do a section on the Left’s War-Gaming of the Academy, but have incorporated it here as that marries up well with what people can do to combat them when (not if) they cross the line from legal peaceful protest to criminal behavior.

This is already occurring.

In June, 2015, after SCOTUS’ decision legalizing same sex-marriage, I wrote here “It’s Not that Revolution May be Coming, but That it Has to Come.” (You may want to read it for historical context.)

Well, 15 months later, the Revolution came, and we won.

And it was peaceful, at least so far.

With violence in mind, you can’t fully appreciate what this victory means in terms of removing a whole battery of authoritarian options from the Left, as part of a worldwide arrangement they believed they would seal in November.

For one, as we continue to pinch ourselves just to be reminded, we’re now up on the horses and they’re down there, afoot. Therefore their police and para-military will not be able to ride us down and shuttle us into corrals as originally mapped out. They still may be able to snoop on us, but no longer under the color of law. Nor will there be any midnight Elian Gonzalez-style raids with SWAT teams.

This isn’t a done deal, though. We could still lose. But by the numbers, we should win going away.

So I really like our chances, if we continue to play our cards right.

You see, the role of the stay-at-home citizen isn’t done. Not by a damned sight. In fact, it’s only beginning, for while we can begin to use government to bottle up the more criminal aspects of the Left’s resistance, there is much we can do at the grass roots to blight their path, hastening the day they will give up their criminal ways and go back to sucking their thumbs.

First, keep the faith, by letting the President know you haven’t abandoned him. And let your elected representatives know you demand no less loyalty from them. Trust me, most Republicans still think this is just a political game, even as it ratchets up in violence. Most of them still don’t get it[…]

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