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The Mad Jewess, a fierce patriot who stands her ground.  In so doing, she exposes fascist anti-Semites who despise people for these reasons, we are not like them, we hold strong to our independence, liberty, faith, and trust in the Almighty with a vengeance.  Ours is a mind of our own.

Now when did any of the above become a sin?

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Hey Mad Jewess! Hitler Was Right! Gas you Kikes! There Was NO Holocaust!

Imagine saying: There was no Holocaust and Hitler was right in the same sentence..


I get these idiot comments on Gab almost every morning, ditto Twitter before my suspension. Seriously, I sit in my cyber, senior, rocking chair, drinking my Prescott moonshine and cackle like an old coot. The irony of the whole statement is absurd to begin with. “there was no Holocaust, but-gas the kikes“. Alas, this is the sheer stupidity I have to bear with. I am 52 years old. Most of the low class Neo-Nazis are between 14-35. KIDS. Ditto SJW Liberal morons. I am old enough to be their Mother or Grandmother.

Now, to the gist:

So- There are 2 unhinged groups in USSA today: Liberals who call people Nazi’s just because they are patriotic. Nazis who call everyone a Jew who doesn’t agree with them that the Jewish “ZOG” is taking over the world. Sure, there are Nazi’s in the right-wing and also the left-wing in American politics. And, yes there are most definitely Commie/Liberal “Jews” that are big-mouthed lunatics and traitors for thrusting left-wing politics on our historically right wing, Christian country[…]

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