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Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

Always begin any analysis with a unified theory. And any unified theory about repealing, replacing, or repairing Obamacare  must begin with natural law, more specifically the natural law of politicians.

The natural law of politicians is that they are a race of cowards. All of them.

Now, politicians all have several constituencies, even Lady Nan Pelosi, Lady Disdain (Hillary) and certainly the leadership of the Republican Party. And they all fear one constituency more than the others.

Finally, as we all know, “the American people” have been sitting fairly low on the totem pole for most elected politicians as to who they fear for many years.

That all changed just a few months ago..

For years the Republican leadership has marched to the tune of their donors (more than one), who, in recent years we have learned have taken on a more ominous globalist halo, with a hint of authoritarian leanings. These are the people the GOP leadership fears and much of their time is dedicated in making what these donors want them to do to seem palatable to  the second group they fear, the voters, who allow them to stay in office[…]

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