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Continuing where he left off, here is part III of Vassar Bushmills’ War Gaming essay.

Unified Patriots by Vassarbushmills

The coming war will be on several fronts, and will appear uncoordinated. But at some level immigration activists will be talking to BLM activists, and they to campus radicals. And all will be speaking to their monied interests. As a rule almost every left-wing group will know what’s going on, and where, on any given day.

And these protests-cum-riots-in-the-making will only be made to appear spontaneous, but will largely be ignited, as one does a match to a fuse. Student protests are scripted so that every hot button on participants will be red hot by the first time a citizen with a MAGA cap walks by, or sometimes maybe just a white guy, or Anglo (gringo) or just some old geezer who looks like he can’t defend himself.

Once a lab rat has been trained, all you have to do is drop it into a zone where there are plenty of recognizable markers, and the rat will act in accordance with its training. Let nature take its course. Booze, maybe drugs, will help, and not a little of mating displays common to animals in rut may also be a part of the cocktail that makes for a rousing good spree and plenty of fodder for future tales (with embellishment) after several rounds of beer. If they are lucky enough to be arrested the tales will even grow more in stature, in part, because nothing will actually have been risked.

In other words these people will not react as a squad of infantryment would after a week, or just a night, out on patrol in Afghanistan or Iraq.

Even the Baltimore and Ferguson riots, like the Watts riots of 1965 or the Rodney King decision in 1992, were actually orchestrated to the extent that all a few people needed to do was tell a few other people that a horrible thing had been done to one of their own and then just let nature take its course. (For over 50 years the ghettos have always remained the ghettos because some group of people found it very profitable for them to remain ghettos.) If you’ve ever watched video of these events, you can see most people just standing around taking in the sights, while only the usual suspects are cleaning out the drug store, breaking car windows, or hauling away TV-sets from the store front. In the 1960s, they blamed this on the summer heat wave. In Baltimore and Ferguson they blamed the cops. Hereinafter they will likely blame Donald Trump[…]

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