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Twitter is now retaliating against anyone not using politically correct language when taking on fascists.  Of course, fascists can use the same language against non-fascists without threat of ending up in the penalty box, i.e., timeout.

The Mad Jewess

Take a GOOD look at this face, below.

This is a boy who has never seen a fist-fight.

This is Jack.. The CEO from Twitter:

One can only imagine CEO Jack from Twitter as a kid: He was probably shoved into the corner by his domineering, feminist, gasbag Mother who beat the hell out of him with wet noodle’s and served him time-outs. Barely a few generations after WW2 and this is what we have: Weak, knee-jerk, girly-boys who can’t stand up for themselves, so they push their lady ways all over men who can—hence, the problem with boy Leftists[…]

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EDITOR’S NOTE: Although no longer on twitter, you can follow the The Mad Jewess on Gab.ai under her handle: @MadJewessWoman. [By the way, yours truly is also on Gab.ai and you can find me here, @PUMABydesign.]

ICYMI, please check out TMJ’s earlier post: The Mad Jewess Suspended From Twitter Again.